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if you're wondering, i haven't been much on the internet these past few days and probably won't be for a while. happy summer to everyone! :)
shiny stars!

randomly, on music...

1) Radu Lupu is an incredible pianist. His sound is shy, deep, clear and glowing... I'm in love with the way he plays Schubert and Messiaen.

2) I really liked Vier Minuten. The soundtrack makes me sad and wistful again.
ciel polaroide

Four Minutes.

I saw Four Minutes today.
I can't start to express how much I liked it, how deeply moving and well filmed it was. The story is wonderful. The actors, Hannah Herzsprung in particular, are incredible.
A most superb movie.
branches d'arbre


I'd like to wish a happy women's day to everyone!
And on a completely unrelated note (because I'm not so sure of his opinion of women), I'd also like to voice how wonderful reading Marcel Proust is... :)
branches d'arbre

about books and the careless use of another language...

i think nothing annoys me more in a text than seeing a french sentence with a mistake in it. grammar, spelling, even syntax. in a published book which went through the editing process.
i can perhaps understand it coming from american authors, but i find it so very unprofessional...
take some cohen story. he lives in montreal! how hard can it be to ask anyone to check the only two french sentences in the text to make sure there are no obvious errors?
argh. i'm disappointed in some author's carelessness...
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i cannot believe i haven't had the time to read my flist in three days...
i also, somehow, cannot believe (yet i really shouldn't be surprised) that i miss it. horribly.

7 random things meme...

Just because:

I love plants with an unhealthy passion. I talk to them and caress their leaves. Some of them even have names. I simply wish there were more windows so I could adopt more...

I used to speak with this strong, heavy Belgian accent when I was 3 feet tall.

I like food that doesn't taste much of anything... People say being a vegetarian is destroying my palate.

I love hooping.

Marguerite Yourcenar is ♥.

I unconsciously despise authority and all form of unfairness. I think it may be immature but at least, I'm capable of rationalizing it...

The scars I got on my knees from learning how to bike are still visible. I just made a whole new one last year from falling over again (on gravel, at 4 AM, in a strange and exotic city). It feels like a memento of her...